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Entomology and Plant Pathology

Entomology Undergraduate Degree Options


The Entomology department at Oklahoma State University is a small student-centered department. Because we are a small, close-knit group students can expect to receive important individualized attention, greater access to scholarship funds and wide range of opportunities for internships, and one-on-one research experiences with a faculty mentor. And, an entomology degree is highly marketable in today's job market!
Entomology, the discipline of insect science is a biological science curriculum that uses insects as models to illustrate science concepts. Entomology involves everything from "outdoor" work in environmental issues (invasive species, emerging arthropod-borne disease), ecology, animal behavior, parasitology, insect-plant interactions to very "high tech" applications in biotechnology, molecular studies, forensics, and medical/veterinary entomology. The program offers three degree options:


Insect Biology and Ecology

Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Medical

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