Oklahoma State University

Vegetable Problems

Insects/Mites Asparagus Aphid
Asparagus Beetle
Bean Leaf Beetle
Beet Leafhopper
Cabbage Looper
Colorado Potato Beetle
Corn Earworm
Diamondback Moth
Garden Fleahopper
Granulate Cutworm
Green Peach Aphid
Harlequin Bug
Imported Cabbageworm
Lesser Cornstalk Borer
Potato Aphid
Potato Leafhopper
Potato/Tomato Psyllid
Spider Mites
Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Squash Bug
Tomato Hornworms
Diseases Asparagus Rust (Asparagus)
Bacterial Speck (Spot) (Tomatoes)
Bacterial Wilt (Tomatoes)
Blossom-End Rot (Tomatoes)
Cercospora Blight (Asparagus)
Curly Top (Tomatoes)
Early Blight (Tomatoes)
Pink Root (Onions & Garlic)
Root-Knot (Tomatoes)
Sclerotinia Drop (Many vegetables)
Septoria Leaf Spot (Tomatoes)
Southern Blight (Tomatoes)
Tomato Anthracnose (Tomatoes)
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (Tomatoes)
Viruses of Vegetable Transplants
Yellow Vine (Curcubits)

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