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Graduate Assistantships

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Students will be performing research duties as a Graduate Assistant under the direction of a major advisor for at least twenty (20) hours per week. The Graduate Assistantship appointment may be renewed subject to satisfactory progress toward a student's degree, satisfactory performance of assigned duties, and availability of sufficient funds. Financial support is provided by their advisor, the Department or other agency and students should view the Graduate Assistantship as a semi-professional position and are accountable for their performance. The purposes of assistantships are to support programs of instruction, research, and extension in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology and to provide employment opportunities that contribute to the professional development of graduate students. 

Available assistantships include:  Graduate Assistants for M.S. students  and  Graduate Associates for Ph.D. students.

Appointments are usually half-time (0.50 FTE) and graduate assistants/associates work twenty (20) hours per week. Time allocations may vary by assignment. Graduate assistants/associates are appointed for teaching, research, extension, or administration and are expected to carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner. In addition to course and/or laboratory preparation and teaching/supervising, other responsibilities may include: grading papers, conferring with students, and regular conferences with the faculty in charge of the courses and laboratories. The nature of a half-time research appointment varies with the type and stage of development of the research project. The work assignment and schedule of the graduate assistant/associate will be subject to the approval of the faculty member(s) in charge and the Department Head. The graduate assistant/associate will be informed by the Department Head as to the starting and ending dates of the appointment for the semester. Graduate assistants are expected to enroll in a minimum of six (6) credits per fall/spring semester and a minimum of three (3) credits per summer semester. Those on half-time appointments may enroll in no more than ten (10) credits per semester. Graduate assistants enrolled in a full time classification (6 hours/semester) receive a waiver of out-of-state tuition. If for any reason the assistantship is terminated, the out-of-state tuition will be reinstated. Stipends earned as graduate assistants/associates in DASNR are considered to be earned income and are not eligible for tax exempt status.  

Graduate student stipends for the current academic year are as follows: MS $16,583 + benefits, PhD $17,510 + benefits. 


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