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Spoken English Proficiency for Employment

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OSU policy and laws of the State of Oklahoma requires all persons for whom English is a second language to demonstrate an acceptable level of spoken English before being employed in an instructionally related capacity. Employment requires demonstrated proficiency on the Test of Spoken English (TSE) or by taking from OSU the institutional version, SPEAK (Spoken English Assessment Kit). International students who have been offered a teaching assistantship must take one of these tests. The test score is used as a condition of employment and is not a condition for admission to the Graduate College. Other spoken English examinations are not acceptable as substitutes for the TSE or OSU administered SPEAK. The TSE test may be taken on campus or at any of the many testing sites provided by the Educational Testing Service. Results must be received prior to the beginning of the school semester in which the student will be teaching. SPEAK Tests are given the Monday and Tuesday before the Fall and Spring semesters begin and only in Stillwater. The purpose of the SPEAK Test is to determine the spoken language proficiency of speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL). The test is administered in a language laboratory and takes about half an hour. It is divided into seven sections, each of which is evaluated for two or more of the following categories: pronunciation, grammar, fluency, and comprehensibility.

More information about the International Teaching Assistant (ITA) test can be found here.


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