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Entomology and Plant Pathology

PDIDL Services

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Summary of Services

The PDIDL strives to provide both accurate and timely diagnosis of the samples received. All samples received in the lab are examined for plant disease based on symptoms and the presence or absence of pathogens (microorganisms that cause disease). Diagnostic replies are sent by mail and include a diagnosis, recommendations for control, and supplemental information when available.

Many of the problems people see in their plants, both in commercial production or in the landscape, are caused by environmental problems or improper care and are not infectious diseases. In these cases, it may be impossible for the PDIDL to determine the cause for certain, since no pathogen can be isolated and identified. For a list of services the PDIDL cannot provide, see below.

To request service please fill out a Plant Disease or Insect Diagnostic Request Form and submit it with the sample to the lab.  Our laboratory currently does not charge additional fees for out-of-state (OOS) testing and a check made out to "Oklahoma State University" should be included with the sample. Please note that OOS samples must be submitted in double plastic bags.

Services available

  • Diagnosis of most infectious plant diseases. 
  • Isolation and identification of nematodes from soil. 
  • Isolation and identification of nematodes from roots. 
  • Determination of the disease problem and recommendations for its management. 


Service Fees Per Sample

  • $0.00 (Currently no charge) - General insect diagnosis via digital diagnostics. 
  • $0.00 (Currently no charge) - General disease diagnosis via digital diagnostics w/no sample. 
  • $10.00 - General disease diagnosis and recommendations (includes pine wilt nematodes). 
  • $25.00 - Viral disease identification using ELISA. 
  • $30.00 - Nematode extraction (soil and/or roots), identification, enumeration, and recommendations.
  • $35.00 - Rose rosette virus testing using rt-PCR method (see note above about out-of-state samples). 
  • $35.00 (by arrangement only) - Disease or insect identification using DNA or RNA based test methods. 


Services Not Provided

  • Identification of molds or bacteria in soil, water, or air. 
  • Identification or isolation of plant pathogens from soil, water, or air. 
  • Positive identification of certain bacteria and viruses. 
  • Identification or screening for pesticide resistant plant pathogens. 
  • Identification of strain, race, mating type, pathovar or Anastomosis Group of pathogens. 
  • Isolation or identification of human or animal pathogens. 
  • Disease identification from dead or decomposing plants (with a few exceptions). 
  • Pesticide residue determinations. 
  • Plant tissue or soil nutrient analysis. 
  • Species identification of most pathogen isolates. 
  • Mushroom identification. 
  • Plant Identification.
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