Entomology and Plant Pathology

Dr. Carla Garzón, Assistant Professor

B.S., Biological Sciences, Pontificia
Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, 1999

Ph.D., Plant Pathology , Pennsylvania
State University, 2004



PLP 3343/5343     Principles of Plant Pathology
PLP 6303 Soilborne Diseases of Plants


My research program includes several projects conducted in collaboration with colleagues from the U.S. and international institutions.  Current projects include:

Population genetics

  • Population genetics of Pythium spp. The main objective of this research is to identify sources of inoculum in ornamental nurseries and greenhouse operations. 
  • Population genetics of Puccinia emaculata (Switchgrass rust) 
  • Population genetics of Sclerotinia minor, the causal agent of Sclerotinia blight of Peanut in OK. 
  • Population genetics of Phymatotrichopsis omnivora on cotton in OK and TX. 
  • Population genetics of Fusarium oxysporum of ornamental palm trees. 
  • Phylogenetics of Pythium spp., mainly P. irregulare and other members of the F group of Pythium
  • Population genetics and diversity of Rhizoctonia solani from natural and agricultural soils.

  • Development of tools and protocols for diagnostic and forensic applications using soil- and waterborne Oomycetes and fungi as model systems.

  • Effect of low doses of fungicides on soilborne Oomycetes and Fungi.

  • Study of suppressive factors in Andean Soils to Tuber Blight caused by Phytophthora infestans.

Training opportunities / Internships:

Undergraduate students from U.S. and international institutions interested in gaining experience in research and/or scientific writing are encouraged to apply by e-mail to join my lab as undergraduate research assistants or visiting researchers. Acceptance is based on the applicant's qualifications and references, as well as the availability of lab space and research funds.

Oportunidades de entrenamiento / Pasantias:

Estudiantes de pregrado de instituciones de los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica (U.S.A.) o instituciones internacionales interesados en ganar experiencia en investigacion y/o escritura scientifica son bienvenidos a aplicar por e-mail para realizar practicas en mi laboratorio. Aceptacion en mi programa depende de las cualidades y referencias de los aplicantes, asi como de la disponibilidad de espacio en el laboratorio y financiamiento para investigacion.

Scientific Affiliations:

American Phytopatological Society
National Institute for Microbial Forensics and Food and Agricultural Biosecurity (NIMFFAB)
Global Initiative on Late Blight (GILB)
Oomycete Molecular Genetics Research Collaboration Network (OMGN)


Click here for a complete PDF list of my publications.

Lab Members:

Patricia Garrido
Lab manager


Garzon lab 2013

Lab members Spring 2013: Patricia Garrido, Sumit Pradhan, Kihyuck Choi (Marek), Omar Arias (ESPE), Gabriela Orquera (Marek), Andres Espindola, Carla Garzon, Fernanda Proaño (ESPE).


Former lab members:

Lab members Fall 2009: Denica Blazheva, Chelsea Shafley, Kylie Bloug, Carla Garzon,
Mohammad Arif, Patricia Garrido, Francisco Flores

Dr. Mohammad Arif
Postdoctoral Researcher - Population Genetics, Genomics, Diagnostics

Dr. Denica Blazheva
Visiting Borlaug Fellow - Diagnostics

Dr. Shefali Dobhal
Population Genetics, Diagnostics

Francisco Flores
M.S. Graduate Research Assistant - Hormesis

Kylie Blough
Undergraduate research assistant

Chelsea Shafley
Undergraduate Research Assistant - Population Genetics

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