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Entomology and Plant Pathology

Dr. Carla Garzón


Professor of Plant Pathology

B.S. Biological Sciences
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, 1999

Ph.D. Plant Pathology
Pennsylvania State University


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Dept. Entomology and Plant Pathology


PLP 3343              Principles of Plant Pathology - Undergraduate

PLP 5343              Principles of Plant Pathology - Graduate

PLP 6303              Soil-borne Plant Diseases

PLP 5560-363       Population Biology of Plant Pathogens

PLP/ENTO5870    Scientific Presentations -Fall semesters

PLP 5700              PLP Teaching Practicum



My research program studies mainly soilborne plant pathogens of diverse crops of relevance in Oklahoma. Several projects are conducted in collaboration with colleagues from the U.S. and international institutions. 

Current projects include:

Population genetics

  • Population genetics of Pythium spp. 
  • Population genetics of Puccinia emaculata (Switchgrass rust) 
  • Population genetics of Sclerotinia minor, the causal agent of Sclerotinia blight of Peanut in OK. 
  • Population genetics of Phymatotrichopsis omnivora on cotton in OK and TX.