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Aligned sequences of the clip domains in Drosophila c-SPs and c-SPHs.

Six cysteine residues conserved in all these sequences are marked 1-6. They form three disulfide bonds (C1-C5, C2-C4, and C3-C6) in horseshoe crab proclotting enzyme. In proteins containing multiple clip domains, they are numbered 1, 2, 3 ... The most abundant residue at each position is marked directly underneath the alignment, with upper case letters indicating percent identity of 50%. Hydrophobicity is shown on the next line: “H” stand for hydrophilic and “O” for hydrophobic. Numbers marked on the last line define the position for each of the conserved residues. Positions of some gaps were manually adjusted to improve the original alignment which was used to construct the phylogenetic tree.
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